For governments

Create  a vibrant  independent music scene by letting us set up different projects together with local people. With our expierence and guidance these projects will cost less, are well structured and take off faster!

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Your own local community

As local government you can only try to offer as many chances to your citizens as possible, budget cuts, maintenance and other costs do not make this any easier. I|M offers a solution to get the most out off less! We avaluate your independent music scene, find out what is missing and what can be done to improve your local music scene!

How this will work


We evaluate your independent music scene. After scaling the local scene we will organize an info evenening for all your existing organizations and other interested parties.


We deliver you, the local government, an extensive report off what we have concluded. This will include what you need to do and what we and our partners can do for you!


We will sit around the table, add and/or remove points before we start doing anything. After this we will hand over our final report ready for approval!


We function as an expierenced intermediary, as you watch your scene flourish, we take a step back and give this project 100% back to the local independent music scene!

What we can do

What we can do

We can do a wide range of things, from evaluating and filling in infrastuctual posibilities to sound proving event locations and music locations. 


Building music studio's and rehearsal room in your city!

Sound proving

Measuring of the inpact of soundwaves ont the surroundings!


Setting up non-profit organizations and projects in your city!

Social inclusion

Include project developers in a social project benefiting your city!

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