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Become part of our non-profit by supporting I|M verified non-profit organizations. Support financially, give discounts on your products or give away sponsored freebies!

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I|M verified non-profits

I|M verified non-profits are non-profit organizations who work localy to support the independent music scene. These organizations work fully independent an deserve all the support they can get!

I|M verified organizations need to be an official non-profit can have no more than 5 payed employees, need to be located in the EU and be active in the music scene.

Our grant network

I|M verified organizations can submit their project and compeet for financial support. If your company choses to donate straight to our grant network we will set up a marketing campaign in the area of your chosing and put your brand in the spotlight. This way we are able to give your company positive publicity and a wide reach with a new audience! Financial support can be handeld enterily by your team or we can do all the work for you! 

How this will work


Choose how much you want to donate to our grant network. Every euro counts, a donation of 
€1000 can already make a big difference!


Choose the area you want to support, this can be a country, a specific region the whole EU or a specific kind of organization. It is totally up to you!


We will set up a proposal campaign with the pre-arranged requirements. You will have total control if you want something changed!


Watch the result of our campaign, we will filter out 5 projects that meet your reuirements. You can choose which one to support or let us do this!

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Freebies and discounts

Freebies and discounts

Allot of organization organize events or have a physical location where there community is present in many numbers. Your company can give out freebies with your brand on or offer discounts for your projects. You will support the independent music scene  through our I|M verified organization while promoting your own brand, a win-win!


Choose your freebies or discounted products. Choose the amount of products or time period you want to offer them.


We set up a marketing campaign with the pre-arrenged requirements for your approval. You will have total control!

Get listed

You get listed as a official partner and your products will be available for the I|M verified organizations.


Watch the result of your support and see how your brand will be featured by many independent organizations!

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