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I|M or independent music is an European non-profit start-up, our goal is to support and stimulate the independent music scene all over Europe.  We offer all kind off web-applications that are usefull for independent artists, labels and music organizations! On top off that we organize and support awesome events!

I|M is a democratic, transparent, non-profit organization with a decentralized and social economy structure. Our profit is used to support and maintain existing and new local non-profit organizations!

After all, this is where every musician started!

Build on four pilars


I|M Has a Democratic structure, this means that our community can help us shape the future of our organization and the European independent music scene! 


We have build our organization with a non-profit social economy structure! This way we can use our profit to support the independent music scene!


We are a transparent organizations, all payments, documents and desicions we make will be available for everybody to look over. We believe trust has to be earned!


We use blockchain technology to empower our community and make a safe and data protecting web environment. Made to help musicians and organizations!

What we do


As an artist it is not easy to survive without online tools to boost his or her career. We offer interesting and usefull web-applications to help you with your music career. With our profit we support the scene!

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We are building a community center that is all about music! Content creators can write about music, post videos or just connect with others! With privacy respecting ads we will reward contributors for their hard work!

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We support and organize awesome event! Discover what we and our partners can do for you as an independent organizer, get tips and tricks and connect with interesting organizations close to your vicinity!

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Social economy

You are I | M! Why? Because when you use our web applications you support non-profit organizations and their projects. Are you a non-profit? Get verified for free and compete for grants with your project!

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